After watching Smackdown, from Randy’s promo to Roman’s awesome interview to their intense brawl…I only have one question…

Why in the hell wasn’t that on RAW?

Roman reigns randy Orton

Anonymous asked:

What's Jey's wife's name?

You better start believing if you don't already! Answer:

T’Kecia to Takecia. Idk something like that. Just call her T, which is what they call her lol

OH MY GOD! Roman’s interview with Renee on Smackdown just turned he and Randy’s feud up a notch. He mentioned Dean and said they’re going to get their revenge on the authority and he also said he’s going to kill the legend of Randy Orton, basically becoming the new legend killer. I am excited now!! Their feud needs this “Legend Killer becomes Legend” thing.

roman reigns randy orton dean ambrose

A lot of ppl getting unfollowed today!!! I’m not putting up with this.

Roman’s awesome spear to Randy. Fans that were there were right, it does look even more awesome from the live audience perspective. And the crowd is louder here than on TV.

randy Orton roman reigns teamrsdwwe