All this "Roman dedicated his match to Dean" is complete and utter nonsense.



Because where was he when Dean was regularly humiliated by The Authority? Or why didn’t he join Dean’s Vendetta against the betrayer Seth Rollins?

If I was Dean, I would come back on RAW, turning on Roman, beat him and scream “Where were you, when I needed…



Now everyone is calling Seth racist…

Why? Because he called Roman a Samoan? He is though. The gorilla part was a bit uncomfortable for MY sake tho. Nothing in that promo made sense!

No. Because that’s not the first time anyone has called him that. I think it was the gorilla part lol the bad imitation as well idk, I just “think” that. What else would be the reason?

I swear I love them!!

Plz tag your NSFW stuff. I had my eight year old niece sitting next to me while scrolling through my dash and came across your hip hop porn stuff.. Had to explain to her what a penis is..

Omg, I’m sorry. Lol. I don’t want to expose kids to this life early. I really would have liked if you weren’t anon, though. I hate anons so I automatically get an attitude lol

Now everyone is calling Seth racist…

Seth said he was ‘the brains of the outfit of the shield’


Thank god and also curses he didn’t get to pick the outfits of the shield.



Told you, dont say nothing about his heritage. Now you gotta learn Seth.


i get so irrationally angry whenever it’s implied or outright stated that roman reigns isn’t smart just because he’s “the powerhouse” or all brawn

please kindly take that shit out of here and go fuck yourself 


So all of a sudden their PLANNED PPV match has become their rematch from tonight……😕

I cannot believe that Roman and Seth are NOT closing RAW. Like this shit legitimately bothers me. WHY?!??! What the fuck in that locker room is more important than Seth, Dean or Roman?