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To make a long story short, I love pro wrestling!


So, I just got an anon saying how I’m a hypocrite for liking The Bellas storyline when I’m supposed to be TeamSlayomi and I don’t even like The Bellas.

First of all, always TeamSlayomi.

Second of all, I’m not about to sit and complain about Naomi not being on TV and down the other divas that are IF the shit is interesting, which the Bella’s feud IS interesting, even though I think its been one-sided because Brie isn’t good with her acting abilities.

Third of all, I have always said I dislike them but I give credit where it is due. that’s why I don’t get along with ppl who shit on Roman just because they don’t like him. Give him fucking credit, still!

Fourth of all, I have a minor in Theatre. That means, I love the aspect of acting, storytelling, dramatics, and entertainment, which is another reason I’m so head on when it comes to WWE Creative.

Posted on Sep 01— 1 month ago
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